Frequently Asked Questions

When will Groov be back in stock?

We are expecting Groov to start shipping by early July.

When will Revol and Snooz be available in larger sizes?

The medium Revol dog crate (for dogs up to 50lb) is available now. The large Revol dog crate (for dogs up to 90lb) is expected to be available sometime in 2021. Make sure to join our mailing list here to be notified when larger sizes are released! 

How does the free shipping option work?

- Packages ship within two business days. 

- Packages almost always arrive within the promised 8 business days from ship date but delays can happen. 

- Delivery dates published on the FedEx website are not guaranteed and do move around a bit (sometimes earlier and sometimes later than initially published).
- FedEx holds packages at various points along the route to better fill their delivery trucks (sometimes packages seem to be stuck at a certain location but they’re not).

- Either USPS or FedEx can make the ultimate delivery.

When will my order ship?

- Free shipping: 2 business days 

- Standard, Two Day and Next Day: same day if ordered before 2pm EST) or next business day

Are Diggs products available for sale on websites besides 

We do not sell Diggs products through third party websites. Currently, you can only purchase our products directly through, from one of our our retail partners (listed on our site) or on Amazon. If you find a Diggs product for sale on another site that isn’t one of our partners, please be advised that it is likely a scam.

Why do I need both Revol and Snooz?

Snooz turns a firm, easy-to-clean tray into a luxurious sleeping surface. Snooz is definitely for you if your dog spends extended periods of time in a crate, has any discomfort laying on hard surfaces, or you just like spoiling him or her!

My dog escapes from every crate I buy -- how do I know this won't happen with a Revol?

Our Revol Crate is designed to be safer, stronger and more durable than most other dog crates, such as wire ones. It features a very durable and stiff frame made of reinforced plastic, high-strength steel mesh wire (6mm thick frame, 2mm thick interior), and strong but light aluminum. The Revol is also free of the gaps from which dogs typically escape and has door latches which are virtually impossible for them to open (unlike with wire crates). However, if your dog is not comfortable in crates or shows signs of anxiety or destructive behavior while contained, you should seek a trainer’s advice (or contact Diggs support at to discuss the best solution for your pup.

Can the Snooz pad be used at the same time as the puppy divider? 

Unfortunately, the Snooz pad cannot be used in conjunction with the puppy divider. Very young puppies are often heavy chewers or susceptible to lots of messes. For that reason, we would advise not using the Snooz pad until your pup is a few months older and you're not using the divider anymore. We recommend using old towels or sheets -- something to make them comfortable but that you wouldn’t mind getting ruined -- in the meantime.

Can the collapsing feature cause the crate to collapse on my dog?

This has never happened in our testing or to any of our customers. Our Revol crate has been tested to 180lbs in the center (the weakest point) without failure. Wire crates, on the other hand, can typically withstand only 50lbs of weight in the corners. The Revol also has a double-locking feature to keep the assembled parts in place, ensuring that it’s locked and secure whenever in use. In other words, the Revol crate is much stronger and therefore much less likely to collapse than standard crates.

What carrier will you use for shipping?

We will ship all domestic packages out of our US warehouse using a ground service provider ( FedEx, depending on destination and shipment size).

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping rates are based on our average negotiated rates to ship to each product to each region.

What is the return policy?

Our 30-Day Risk-Free Trial serves as our return policy. 

If you decide Revol is not for you within the first 30 days, we’ll help you out with a free return and full refund. Check out our Returns Page for more details!

Will Revol and Snooz come in other colors?

We are sticking to two neutral colors for Snooz and one for Revol for now, but we are working on other colors for each to be released in the future.

Warranty. Got one?

Yes. The Diggs Revol crate comes with a limited 1 year warranty. That means if any part becomes defective or dysfunctional over time due to normal use , we will repair or replace it free of charge. The full details of both warranties will be included with your Revol crate when you receive it.

How long does it take to get a refund?

Returns are processed 2-5 days from when they are received. 

We do our best to process returns in a timely manner, please contact us if you have any questions about the status of your refund. 

Your original form of payment will be refunded within 5-10 days of receipt.

Can Snooz be used on its own as a dog bed?

Yes! Snooz is a super comfortable and high-quality pet mattress that can be used with or without the Revol crate.

Does the opening of the large side door negatively affect the dog in the crate (e.g., hit the dog when being opened)?

In short - nope. In our testing, raising the large side door with a dog inside the crate (that is of appropriate size for the crate, of course) is not a problem. In some cases, if the dog is quite large relative to the size of the crate (e.g., a dog that is tall or long for his/her weight), the door might slightly touch the dog or force her to move positions to let the door pass. But generally this is not an issue and even in that latter case, no dog seemed to mind.

That said, our recommendation is that the large side door be used mainly for permanent or semi-permanent opening of the crate. In other words, although you certainly can open and close the large side door regularly and/or use it as the main entrance, our advice is to use the front door instead for regular opening and closing of the crate. For example, you could leave the large side door up for long periods of time when the dog reaches a level of maturity where the crate is mainly a home or place of refuge that he/she can go in/out as he/she pleases, rather than being used as a containment system.

Is Revol TSA-approved for airline / flight use?

Revol is not TSA certified to be used on-board flights. For that purpose, you need specific plastic carriers (not pet crates). Travel carriers are large, ugly, non-functional boxes that are meant only for travel. They are not meant to be your pet's everyday home within a home and as a way to train a puppy, as Revol is designed to be. Revol can, however, be used on other means of transportation like trains.

Can I order replacement parts?

We are happy to help you out with any replacement parts you need.We do not currently stock all replacement parts however we are happy to get you replacement parts as quickly as we can. Please visit our Contact page for info on getting in touch.

Can I get my Revol repaired?

At this time we do not offer repair services.

Does Diggs ship internationally? 

At this time, we do not ship internationally, including to Canada.