why Diggs®


Easy to use, Safe & Simple Pet Products

That's what we aim for every time we set out to make a pet product. We pour energy, creativity and not-just-a-little blood, sweat and tears into developing products that are so effortless, you hardly notice them at all. It takes a bit of rule-breaking and some serious ninja skills, but we think you’ll notice the difference.

Core Values

A Reason to Design 

We don’t create for the sake of creating. We solve problems. Every design we bring to the market has a purpose, grounded in the needs of pet parents. We ask, listen, and learn — then we design products that make pet ownership even better. 

Nothing to Fear 

Who decides something is good enough as is? Not us. We’re not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom and go boldly into uncharted territory — even if it means making mistakes on the path to better solutions. We take pride in surprising and delighting pet parents with products that go way beyond “good enough.” 

Seamless Integration 

We dedicate all our attention and energy into designing products that require very little of yours. We believe in design so good, you hardly notice it. Because when pet products blend effortlessly into your home and life, you can focus on what matters most: Your pet. 

Unrivaled Customer Experience 

Diggs is dedicated to pet parents. We believe in elevating every aspect of their experience, from thoughtful product design to exceptional customer service. We want every interaction with Diggs to be nothing less than a consistently first-class experience. 

A Place to Flourish 

We believe in a work environment where challenging the status quo is the status quo. We’re building a place where creativity can flourish, and where talented, energetic, courageous people are becoming the next generation of pet industry pioneers.