How our Better Together promotion works

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How can I save up to $78 off my order?

Currently our medium Revol dog crate is marked down by 11%, due to it being on backorder. This is a savings of $36. If you also order a medium Snooz pad and Groov and apply our DIGGS10 discount code at checkout, your entire order will be discounted by 10% (or by $42.60) for a total savings of $78.60. 

Have multiple medium-sized dogs? Double your order and save up to $157.20.

How much can I save on a small Revol dog crate?

If you use our discount code DIGGS10 at checkout, you can save up to $24 if you're only buying a small Revol crate. If you add a small Snooz pad and Groov, you can save up to $34. Have multiple small dogs? Double your order and save $68.

I don't see my discount reflected in my cart?

Your discount will show up in the checkout, as long as you have entered the discount code: DIGGS10. Discounts don't currently show up in our cart, but they will be applied at the checkout.