Revol | Front Door

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[Video Transcript]

Zel: Hi. I’m Zel. This is the Diggs Revol dog crate intro series. I’m here with Hillary and Willie. Pet parent.

Hillary: Hello.

Zel: I think you have a question for me.

Hillary: I do. The front door looks fairly simple. But, is there anything in particular I should know about it?

Zel: It is simple. But, I’ll give you a quick demo. To open the door, simply lift on the handle and there you go. The key is to when you close it to make sure you lift up on the handle again to drop it in it. You can check that its secure by giving the mesh a little tug. Wanna give it a go?

Hillary: Alright, okay. Sure. Open. Easy enough.

Zel: There we go.

Hillary: There we go.