Ten Tips to Use Your Crate Safely

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At Diggs, pet safety is one of our guiding principles. It's important to know how to use your dog crate safely, that's why we've put together a useful infographic highlighting Ten Tips to Use Your Crate Safely.

Here's a preview:

1. Crate training is a must.
Done right, crate training helps breed familiarity, trust and a sense of security between your pup and his crate. You should not put dogs in crates that have not been properly crate trained.

2. Separation Anxiety Blues.
If your pup suffers from separation or confinement anxiety, it’s important that they receive professional training before being crated. Pay attention to your pet’s behavior and when in doubt, seek a professional’s advice.

2. Be mindful what goes in.
Collars and leashes can get snagged and potentially be a choking hazard – they should be removed prior to being crated. Toys can help your pet feel more comfortable but make sure they are durable and not easily torn apart.