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Zel: Hey everybody. Zel again. Here with the intro series to the Diggs Revol dog crate. Here with Willie and Hillary.

Hillary: Hello.

Zel: Hello. What should we talk about today?

Hillary: Well, this little guy is getting ready for bed. So, tell us how to make this crate a bit more comfortable.

Zel: Snooz mat.

Hillary: Oh, neat.

Zel: Snooz mat is an accessory. It’s super soft, hair resistant, water-resistant. Made of CertiPUR-US® memory foam. Which is important. It’s much more durable and it’s free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, without phthalates. So it’s better for the dog. Better for the planet.

Hillary: Nice.

Zel: Yeah.

Hillary: That’s great now.

Zel: Should we see how it’s washable?

Hillary: Let’s do it.

Zel: So this zipper on the bottom — pull out the foam pad -- this goes in the wash and then we want to put it back. First of all, this is covered in a water-resistant outer shell as you can see.

Hillary: Oh, yeah. Right. You can wipe it down.

Zel: Exactly. So any spills. If you want to put it back make sure you leave this side out. Goes under the soft side. Just stuff this in. Nice and easy. Zip it back up. There you go.

Hillary: Great. Easy enough.

Zel: Want to give it a go?

Hillary: Sure, thanks. Okay. Take it out. Easy enough. Easy enough and there we go. That’s great.

Zel: Nailed it.

Hillary: Easy to do. Thanks.

Zel: Thanks.

Hillary: Alright, bedtime Willie. Ok, so if I wanted to take the pad and crate somewhere, can I collapse the crate with the pad inside or do I have to take it separately?

Zel: You can actually put it in together. So, put the bed in -- open the front door -- slide the pad in. As you can see it fits really nicely. Close the door.

Hillary: Nice. That’s great.