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Zel: Hey everybody. It’s Zel again here with Diggs. This is the intro series to the Diggs Revol dog crate. Again here with Willie and Hillary.

Hillary: Hello. Hey everyone

Zel: What do you want to talk about today?

Hillary: I want to talk about this side door. To me, it seems like a really unique feature. But first thing I want to know is why you incorporated it. What does it do?

Zel: Yeah. The large side door is meant to be a way to help dogs go in and out of their crate. You know, for mainly for older dogs who maybe don’t need to be contained as much without having a door swinging open and closed. So when it’s open you don’t have you have this big open inviting area dog can go in and out without having a like a front door swing open and close

Hillary: Or it left open and you trip over it.

Zel: Exactly.

Hillary: Walk me through a little more slowly how you open it. How it stays secure.

Zel: Yeah.

Hillary: And what these things are.

Zel: Sure so let’s go through step by step. These are spring latches. Basically, you need to push them in at the same time. Hold them in and then you lift the front door — sorry side door — up like this. Okay.

Hillary: Alright.

Zel: All you do is raise it -- keep raising, keep raising, keep raising — at the top make sure these pins go into these holes over here— like that — and then make sure the middle is secure to the magnets in the roof

Hillary: Got it. Okay. Now, do the magnets ever come undone? Do I need to worry about that?

Zel: Well, if the dog is maybe rambunctious, jumps or is a bit taller it can knock loose. But, as you can see, even if it’s loose, it’s still very well secured by the pins. Just push back up.

Hillary: Okay. Easy enough. How do u get it back down?

Zel: So, just reverse what you did. So, just make sure you do the exact same thing. I use my pointer fingers like this and squeeze the latches. All I’m doing is pushing it in and just dropping it. That’s it.

Hillary: Alright. Easy enough. Should I give it a go?

Zel: Please do.

Hillary: Alright, Willie. Okay. So, we start by pushing in the pins. Oh yeah and now I see the holes you were talking about. What do you think? Pretty good, right? Okay and then to get it down we just pull it down like that. Alright.