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Zel: Hey everybody. Zel again here from Diggs. Here to talk about the intro dog crate series. I’m here with Willie and pet parent Hillary. I think you had another question for me.

Hillary: I do. New to the Revol dog crate and see that there is a tray. What’s it for and how do you use it?

Zel: Sure. What’s it for. It’s used to help you clean when there’s a little bit of spill.

Hillary: Oh, no.

Zel: Which we all know happens. To use it simply pull it out from the bottom. take it out. You can use any household cleaner, bleach, or anything much milder that you might want to use. Even soap and water is totally fine and slide it back in to replace it.

Hillary: Okay. Can you do it even when the dog is inside?

Zel: No. It’s designed that when weight is in the crate -- let’s say two 5lb weights -- average small dog (10lbs). Then the crate sorta locks itself in place. Give it a little tug and you will see.

Hillary: Oh, yeah.

Zel: Now, if you take those out then the tray comes out again.

Hillary: Oh, wow. Very easily.

Zel: Yeah.

Hillary: Nice.

Zel: That’s it.