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Zel: Hey everybody. Zel here for the Diggs intro series to the Revol dog crate. I’m here again with Hillary and Willie.

Hillary: Hello, hello.

Zel: I think you have a question for me.

Hillary: I do. This one’s very important for Willie. Tell me about the puppy divider.

Zel: Yes.

Hillary: First things first. What does it do?

Zel: Puppy divider. This is what it looks like. The goal of the puppy divider is to make the crate smaller while your dogs still growing. The idea being that you don’t want a dog — your dog -- to have too much space in a crate because they’ll have a tendency to sleep in one part of the crate and do business in the other. So, while your dog still growing — unfortunately, that does happen — you want to make the crate size smaller temporarily.

Hillary: Ok.

Zel: The small size has two places where you can subdivide the crate. Right in the middle and three-fourth. So, you would start here. When they are the smallest move it here when they get a little bigger and then take it out completely for good once they are full size.

Hillary: Okay. So, can you show me how to install it?

Zel: Yeah. So, actually, I’ll open the front door just to so we can see what we’re doing and you’ll see in the ceiling there are two guides. That’s where the ceiling portion goes in. Make sure you lower the pin side down and you lower through the ceiling hatch.

Hillary: And that’s what these holes and guides are for, right?

Zel: Exactly. You lower it in like that and then you put that in the ceiling in first.

Hillary: Okay.

Zel: You lift that in and then drop it into the holes.

Hillary: Okay, easy enough.

Zel: That’s it. Now to take it out, you simply reverse. Flip it and drop it.

Hillary: Look at that it. Could it be easier? Okay. So, the ceiling hatch. Alright. Okay, easy enough and right into the holes. Wow! That was so easy.

Zel: Nice.

Hillary: Alright. Now let’s make sure I can get it out for when he grows. Alright and just like that — boom.

Zel: Easy.

Hillary: Super easy.