Six reasons you should crate train your dog.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why should I teach my dog to go in a crate, isn’t that cruel?” or “Isn’t that unnecessary” well, the answer to both is a big, fat, resounding no.

When you introduce it properly, a dog crate is a great addition to any dog-owning home. It’s a safe and secure place for your dog to just chill out, spend secluded time away from the household (screaming kids, anyone?), and essentially, have his very own doggie bedroom.

To Avoid Problems

A great way to keep your pet out of trouble when you leave the house! Many dogs inadvertently get into mischief when you’re gone - this can be for a number of reasons, from sheer energy to boredom, and even separation anxiety.


To Enjoy Travel

Most of us consider our four-legged friends to be a part of the family, and when you embark on a family holiday or road trip, you definitely don’t want that fluff bucket to miss out just because he’s not good at car trips, or the hotel has a dog crate policy, do you? Of course not, you want to bring along your collapsible, travel dog crate and have the trip of a lifetime!


To Make House Training Easy

No dog wants to wet his own bed, and by utilizing the small area of a dog crate -- as opposed to your entire home -- along with great timing and some patience, your furry friend will easily learn to ‘go’ only when let out.


To Make Visits Stress Free

If your dog tends to get worked up, overly excited, or very nervous when you have guests over, you’re going to fall in love with the wonders of the crate.

Many owners with dogs that tend to become beyond rambunctious when friends come over assume that the crate will only exacerbate the problem, when actually, if taken, slow, a modern dog crate can transform a dog into unrecognizably calm.


To Give Your Dog a Safe Space

When your new dog or puppy first arrives home, it’s natural that he’ll want to explore his surroundings, but this can actually be a little dangerous as he’s learning the lay of the land.

If your home has a large staircase, open landing, lots of visible wiring, or houseplants, you don’t want to leave Fido with the run of the house until he has learned to navigate it safely (and following your rules!)


To Recuperate

We all injure ourselves at some point or another in life, and for those high energy dogs that love nothing more than running through the forest chasing squirrels, wrestling with friends, or jumping off piers into the ocean, you’d best be prepared for an emergency one day.

And if something does happen, let me tell you, treatment and recovery will be so much faster and easier if your dog knows that he’s meant to rest when crated.

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